logo cafeWelcome to Pat a Cake Cafe - Faversham

The Story

I love food and yummy hot drinks (like turmeric lattes). Then, with the birth of my son, it became clear that some of my favourite hang outs were no longer suitable for babies, buggies and certainly not toddlers!
I have been told that ‘buggies are not allowed in here’; I’ve had customers comment, ‘its like a creche in here’; I was told to ‘take the baby off the table as people have to eat their food of there’; and have found changing space so inappropriate that it made it impossible to go there. Furthermore there were not food options for toddlers - just maybe children menus, which were too big and/or expensive for the little my baby/toddler might want to eat. This was quite depressing when during the winter months and at home with the partner at work, cafe’s are the obvious go to for mums like me. And there are only so many baby groups one can attend!

So, in spotting the need for a cafe to be more parent focused, Pat a Cake was born.

Every Friday we offer homemade soups, melts and salads (depending on season) and a dedicated space for your little ones to play in - with toys, books and no escape! Plus a dedicated menu for little ones. There is also a beautiful outdoor area for playing in during the hotter months, with a tractor climbing frame, slide and swings. Plus a whole load of lego and a vintage dolls house for older children.

Workshops/Support Groups

Every Friday morning from 10 - 11 we run events for parents. Please look at our events programme and watch out for adverts. This is linked to our pregnancy/parent/baby meet up that runs every second Wednesday of the month from the same venue, called Bump to Birth & Beyond (@BBBeastkent).

The Venue

Our pop up café concept is incredibly fortunate to have the use of the Grain Store Studio’s cafe at the beautiful Brenley Farm, in the heart of the Garden of England. It is situated on a working agricultural farm, which has been run by my partner’s family, the Berrys, for centuries.

The Grain Store Studio was set up a few years back by Lego lover Nick Berry, who had the vision to set up an art gallery and exhibition space. It is now a flourishing artistic hub, with artists of all mediums using the studios. Selling locally produced art and artisanal food stuffs, there is plenty to look at and buy.

Many creative workshops and events are also held at the venue, providing the space with a vibrant community feel. Our pop up café couldn’t be at a better place!