We are currently looking for new artists to exhibit their work in the studio café and lounge. Either wall space for paintings etc or display apple boxes for objects d’art. Wall box space in the café, glass jewellery display case and wall space in the lounge. If you are interested in joining us please email nick14berry@gmail.com explaining your medium and with some photos of your work with the selling price you would wish to achieve. Our rates are wall space of approx. 1m x top to bottom £25 per month + 25% commission or display boxes are 2 for £10 + 25% commission.

We also like our exhibitors to be featured artists occasionally, when they can bring in more work for a weekend and be present to discuss their work or actively demonstrate their medium. For this we would make a big push on social media.

We’d love you to come and have a look around and meet the team on a weekend.



The entire building can be hired for exhibitions of any artistic medium.

We charge 25% on all sales and have a hiring fee of £10/day.